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Locate your elected official:

Issues and Legislation:

For updates to important legislation relating to Traumatic Brain Injury, go to: Georgia General Assembly 

Current Georgia Laws


Registry for Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

Examination, Treatment, Etc. for Mental Illness

National Association of State Head Injury Administrators

NASHIA tracks federal legislations, proposed rules and regulations, policies affecting individuals with TBI and their families and State programs and services.  For updates and information on Public Policy or Legislative actions visit NASHIA.

Federal Advocacy:

To access current policy and legislation through the Brain Injury Association of America’s (BIAA) go to Advocacy & Government Affairs


State Advocacy:

Georgia Concussion Coalition -The Georgia Concussion Coalition (GCC) is a diverse group of individuals and organizations that are working together to improve the safety of youth and children’s athletics, specifically related to sports concussion. The primary function of the group is to advocate for strong injury prevention programs and provide education on the recognition, diagnosis, and management of sports induced brain injuries. The GCC is comprised of numerous stakeholders, including physicians, athletic trainers, researchers, educators, nurses, parents, caregivers, coaches, and athletic and non-athletic organizations. It’s membership  expands to districts all across the state of Georgia including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Brain Injury Association of Georgia and the Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund among many other individuals and organizations statewide. If you are interested in getting involved email

The GCC successfully helped to work on the bill then advocated for the passage of HB284-Safe Return to Play Act of 2013 which was signed into a bill by Gov. Deal on April 23, 2013.    

The legislation is based on three guiding principles used across the country:

1) Education – Educating parents, athletes and coaches on the risk of concussion 

2) Recognition – If a youth athlete exhibits concussion like symptoms, ensure they seek medical attention.

3) Return to Play – If a youth athlete is deemed to have suffered a concussion by a health care provider, he or she must receive medical clearance before returning to play.

Georgia Advocacy 
The Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) is a private non-profit corporation. Its mission is to work with and for oppressed and vulnerable individuals in Georgia who are labeled as disabled or mentally ill to secure their protection and advocacy. GAO's work is mandated by Congress, and GAO has been designated by Georgia as the agency to implement Protection and Advocacy within the state. Email:

State Ethics Commission SEC
The State Ethics Commission enforces the laws under its jurisdiction through discreet investigative proceedings and open hearings. Most cases considered by the Commission are initiated through the filing of sworn, written complaints which allege a violation of one or more laws under the Commission’s jurisdiction. Enforcement powers include, but are not limited to, assessment of civil penalties and administrative costs, ordering of remedial actions, suspension or revocation of lobbyist registration privileges, and where necessary, reporting of suspected violations of law to the appropriate law enforcement authority.

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