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 WHEN: CAMP IS FULL.  We are not accepting any Camper or Caregiver applications. Volunteer Application  will remain open. 

 WHERE: CTL Camp Will-A-Way inside Ft. Yargo State Park, 210 S. Broad St., Winder, GA 

 COST:  $125 for BIAG Members / $150 for Non-Members each  

            Membership form: Click Here


Camp BIAG is a unique, overnight camp experience designed specifically for adults (18+) with brain injury. Camp BIAG is the most complete and cost-effective recreational and therapeutic program in the Southeast focused on the special needs of the brain injury community. Camp BIAG, in partner with Camp Twin Lakes, is run by a highly-trained staff that can address the unique medical and emotional needs of each camper. Camp sessions are called life-changing by our campers. Many share this is the one place where they feel, “I can just be me!”

What does that mean for brain injury survivors? Camp BIAG offers adults who have survived a brain injury – both ABI and TBI - an opportunity to have fun, to be with others who understand, and to engage fun recreational activities. This experience supports the healing process, helps reintroduce life skills, offers great socialization and enhances self-esteem. Planned activities allow survivors a time where they have fun like anyone else, while their caregivers can find quiet moments of respite.

What does Camp BIAG offer for caregivers? Caring for survivors of brain injury is never-ending. It is draining and many caregivers are aching for a much-needed break. Camp BIAG allows caregivers an opportunity to take a weekend off to renew and recharge themselves. Some use this time while their loved ones are well cared for by highly trained staff, to get out of town. Others will enroll in an on-site Caregiver Camp offering support, socialization and activities with others who understand the journey.

Camp BIAG is designed to renew the mind, body and spirit of all involved. Our goal is to help those suffering from brain injury and their caregivers to face future challenges with a new sense of support, courage and strength.

**Listen to an impactful song written by campers - Click Here

 **Camp Hardgrove video - Click Here

Thank you to our sponsors for supporting Camp BIAG   

Application Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in applying for Camp BIAG 2016!

Please read then follow these instructions before clicking application link. Click here to print out step-by-step instructions

1. Click the application link (at bottom) to apply for camp as a Camper, Volunteer/Personal Attendant or as a Caregiver. This will take you to the Camp BIAG page of online program.

2. First Page: read then click “Register for this Session”

3. New? I do not have an account

a. Create an account; next page…

b. Fill in the information for the primary contact for the account. This is the person that will be filling out the application and receiving all camp communication. Designate at the end of this section the role of primary contact (ie Camper, Spouse, legal guardian…..etc)

-Additional contact? Skip or complete if applicable–designate at end of this section their role.

Choose a user ID and password at the bottom (**save info in a secure location)
Click “create an account” at bottom; next page…

c. Click on individuals name; click next to begin application process

-Name missing? Click “add a person to my account”
-Fill in information and designate role at bottom
-Click “Save Person” or “Make a Reservation” to begin application process

d. End of application click on:

“Proceed to checkout”
“Complete order”

4. Returning? “I already have an account”

a. Fill in User ID and Password, next page….
**(forgot? click “Forgot your login” – **save info in a secure location)

b. Select Name to begin application process

-Name missing?
-Click “Add a person”, fill in information, their role, then “Save Person” or “Save and Make a Reservation” to begin application process

c. End of application click on:

“Proceed to Checkout”
“Complete Order”

5. All follow up forms will be sent to the primary contact address provided on the account. These forms will be sent as soon as the camp reservation is completed and may come by mail or email. All forms are due by August 7th 2016.

6. Need to edit? There are places during the process where you can edit and update their information

***Note: The balance on the checkout page should show $0.00. This is because we are not collecting camp payments through the application website.
All camper, personal attendant and caregiver camp payments mail to: Camp BIAG, 210 South Broad Street, Winder, GA 30680 …. Attach check to the follow up forms. ***

Camp Application links:

CAMP IS FULL.  We are not accepting any Camper or Caregiver applications. Volunteer Application  will remain open. 


Volunteer or Personal Attendant Application


Note: Personal Attendant will complete a Volunteer application and attend training even though they are coming as an attendant to a camper.


Camp BIAG is tailored uniquely for the special needs of brain injury survivors and is expensive to run. Hence, we actively seek support from the community to provide sponsorships, in-kind donations and volunteers to help reduce the costs paid by the campers and their families that are under great financial strain due to medical expenses. More than 80% of our campers seek some level of scholarship support. Donor generosity enables us to offer this great program to these brave survivors that so desperately seek to enjoy life to the fullest.

We depend on contributions from friends like you to help make it possible for every eligible person to attend camp. Your contribution is needed to ensure that every camper ...... and every caregiver...... has a camp experience to remember!

Make a donation to support Camp BIAG today. Click on Make a Donation at the top of the page or to mail a check Click here!

**Listen to an impactful song written by campers - Click Here

 **Camp Hardgrove video - Click Here

 Questions?  Contact:

Lauren Schmidt, CTL Camp Coordinator – or -

BIAG IRP Director -

  Interested in Volunteering at Camp BIAG?

We need you…They need you! Why? Camper’s feedback: “This is the best time of my life” – “I feel so happy here” – “I wish I could stay at camp where I’m accepted”. This is a rewarding experience for everyone where lasting memories are made and friendships are formed!

 If you are interested in being a part of helping people with a brain injury enjoy a life changing, memorable experience, please complete the volunteer application. Volunteers are required to go through extensive training and meet strict guidelines for the safety of our campers. 

 Cancellation/Refund/Bounced check policy

· Bounced Check: you will be required pay Camp fee plus $25 return check fee. If resubmitted check bounces, we will not accept another check, payment is due in cash, money order or credit card - to include $50 for 2 returned check fees. Bounced check(s) could impact future camp participation.

· Camp fee is non-refundable for no show, early leave or cancellations within 5 days of camp

 Additional Information:

· Applications are considered complete once both the application and follow-up documents are received. 

· There are no guarantees applications will be automatically accepted

· Completed applications are reviewed and approved by the Camp Committee for final acceptance.

· Priority is given to Georgia residents. Non-Georgia will be put on the Wait List. 

· Waiver and Releases must be signed in all places for acceptance to camp. This includes behavior and communication between Campers, Volunteers, CTL Staff and BIAG staff.

· All applications are screened without regard to race, religion, color, creed, national or ethnic origin or sexual orientation.

 ·   Special note on cost: While we do offer a reduced fee of $125 BIAG membership, $150 non-member or provide scholarship assistance when available…we do ask if you can afford to pay up to $550 (average cost per camper), it will go a long way towards helping camp be affordable for all.


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