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Peer Visitor for Veterans Program

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TBI: The Invisible Injury - An Important Fact Sheet for Returning Service members and Veterans: Click Here


Brain injuries are the hallmark injury for veterans returning from the Iraq war. Being the lead agency associated with this war in Georgia for Peer Visits for the past 6 years, Brain Injury Association of Georgia has always been there for returning veterans and their families.

Blast injuries are injuries that result from the complex pressure wave generated by an explosion. Over 90% of combat-related traumatic brain injuries are closed head injuries. 50% of injuries sustained in combat are the result of explosive munitions including bombs, grenades, land mines, missiles and mortar/artillery shells.

  • Brain Injury can cause a wide range of changes affecting thinking, sounds, sensation, language, or emotions such as:
  • Seizure disorders, sleep disturbances, headaches, loss of balance, blurred vision, ringing in ears, difficulty organizing daily tasks
  • Emotional issues such as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, anger
  • Communication, expression, understanding
  • Sensitivity to lights, sounds, distractions, eye vision
  • Sounds such as ringing in the ears, more sensitive to sounds, lights or distractions
  • Memory, concentration, slower thinking and reasoning, impaired decision making or problem solving


Brain Injury Association of Georgia offers a Peer Visitor for Veterans Program which is led by a dedicated and trained volunteer, a military veteran and caregiver to a survivor of brain injuries.  Mark Holmes has been through many of the trials and tribulations the veterans and their families are experiencing from the perspective of both caregiver and veteran himself. You are also invited to attend the Atlanta  VA Support Group – Contact Dr. Inge Thomas (404) 329-4654 or


The Brain Injury Association of Georgia implemented the original
Brain Injury Peer Visitor Program in 2006, modeled after the American Stroke Association's successful Peer Program.

The program was designed to offer hope, support, and resources to brain
injury survivors and their families and/or caregivers in hospitals and
rehabilitation facilities.

Our Peer Visitor for Veterans Program is a unique program centered
around offering the same hope, support and resources for veterans and their families.

If you are interested in participating in this program as a volunteer
contact us today!



We offer comprehensive support, help and resources to families

We are here for you.

Resources for our Veterans and their Families

Additional Veteran Resources

  • Georgia Pro Bono Legal Assistance for Veterans: Military Legal Assistance Program assists service members and veterans by connecting them to Stare Bar members who are willing to provide free or reduced-fee legal services.

  • - Active Duty and Veterans Law gives you several issues to click on to get answers to legal questions, sample forms and information about the courts, lawyers and social service organizations that provide services related to Active Duty and Veterans Law

  • Veterans Support Organization (VSO)
    Founded in 2001, VSO is a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization that helps homeless, needy and disabled veterans in areas surrounding our offices. The VSO currently operates in Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Georgia, and Florida. The organization’s fundraising efforts are accomplished with the support of businesses and stores throughout Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, New York, Georgia, and Florida. VSO provides funding for veterans’ utility bills, rent, mortgage payments and housing assistance for homeless vets. It also offers a work program to those striving for financial independence.

    Hopes and Dreams Riding Facility -  A dedicated and Loving Facility for Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Active Duty Personnel. Visit our website to learn about our facility and what we do to help.
  • TBI Warrior Blog  - This is a Traumatic Brain Injury Blog Created by Victor Medina, a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor wounded in Iraq on June 2009 who has a mission with a message is that "IT WILL ALL GET BETTER WITH PROPER CARE, HARD WORK, AND MOTIVATION". 
  • Georgia Pro Bono Legal Service for Veterans with TBI - The State Bar of Georgia Board of Governors passed the 2009-10 budget that includes funding for the Veterans & Service members Pro Bono and Referral Program. The funding will allow a full-time attorney and provide for administrative support for the project.  Veterans with traumatic brain injuries in need of pro bono (free) legal service should contact Mike Monahan (, pro bono director, State Bar of Georgia 404-527-8762.
  • Georgia provides several veteran benefits. This website offers a
    brief description of each of the following benefits - Housing, Tax,
    Employment, Education and other state veteran benefits. Click here
    Programs Help Installations Stand Against Anger - It can "lead to the dark side," but anger doesn't have to be an emotion that takes over and ruins one's life. According to the "About Anger" pamphlet now available at Army Community Services, "Anger is a powerful but perfectly normal emotion.
  • Veteran  - Informal caregiving is essential to help injured or ill Veterans,  and this remarkable family support comes at a cost that may include stress, fear and isolation.  Join this virtual community  created to enhance the quality of life for those who care for Veterans of all eras.
  • National Caregiver Support Line. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has launched several new and enhanced services to help family caregivers of seriously ill and injured Veterans. One of these new services is a toll-free line, the
    National Caregiver Support Line. - 1-855-260-3274. This
    toll-free number connects to a referral center that assists caregivers,
    Veterans and others seeking caregiver information. Click here for details
  • Disabled American Veterans DAV VA Hospital Transportation  - The DAV
    Transportation Network is the only way many veterans are able to get to a
    medical facility for needed treatment.

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