Current Georgia Laws

The Georgia Return to Play Act of 2013:

The GA Return to Play Act of 2013 implements a concussion management and return to play policy within all public and private schools. This policy requires all youth athlete’s parents and legal guardians to be given the information surrounding the nature and risk of concussion and head injuries that may happen from playing a sport. Coaches and other school personnel involved in sports are also required to take an educational course on concussions. It requires these personnel to remove any player if he or she is exhibiting symptoms of a concussion and removal from the activity immediately until examined by a medical professional.  If the player is then diagnosed with a concussion by the medical examiner, the player will not not return to practice/play until the youth receives clearance from the health care provider for either a graduated or full return to play.

The legislation is based on three guiding principles used across the country:

1) Education – Educating parents, athletes and coaches on the risk of concussion

2) Recognition – If a youth athlete exhibits concussion like symptoms, ensure they seek medical attention.

3) Return to Play – If a youth athlete is deemed to have suffered a concussion by a health care provider, he or she must receive medical clearance before returning to play.

Registry for Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries:

Declaration of Policy


Duties of Commission

Reporting Procedures

Examination, Treatment, Etc. for Mental Illness:  Definitions

Trust Fund News:

The Georgia Brain and Spinal Injury Trust Fund Commission provides funding for persons with Traumatic Brain Injury and spinal cord injury. Funding available for treatment, equipment, modifications, services not covered by insurance. 

Congratulations for the passage of Amendment B “Reckless Driving Surcharge” introduced by Representative Tanner in November 2014. This allows a surcharge fee to be assessed on any reckless driving penalty imposed in the state. Passage of this amendment allows the Trust Fund to provide a greater “helping hand” to TBI/SCI eligible grant requests, which provide support services, medical equipment, etc. not covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance.

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Representative Tanner (R) 9th of Dawsonville, GA was recently presented the 2014 Pathfinder Award for his Outstanding Contributions to Georgians with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. Representative Tanner was cited by Commission Chairman JD Frazier for his desire to see that Georgians with traumatic brain (TBI) and spinal cord injuries (SCI) have access to urgently needed goods and services for their continuing rehabilitation and post-acute care.

Working with disability groups – most notably the Brain Injury Association of Georgia; Representative Tanner was instrumental in sponsoring legislation that culminated in Amendment B to the state constitution to provide funding from reckless driving convictions that would be directed to the Trust Fund for direct grants to Georgians that have been diagnosed with TBI and SCI. Commission Executive Director Craig Young cited Representative Tanner’s knowledge of the difficulties faced by Georgians with catastrophic injuries and the challenges they and their families face as key to Tanner’s determination to insure that these Georgians are not left in dire circumstances.

Representative Tanner’s ability to articulate a genuine need to his fellow legislators and create a consensus among both parties in the General Assembly speaks volumes about his dedication to the health of this state,” said Young. “His leadership and concern for all Georgians make him a most worthy recipient of this award…Source: BSITFC