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So here we are-  Georgian’s continue to do the right thing by banding together to stop the spread of COVID-19. If we stick with it, we’ll see the other side of the pandemic soon and be stronger than ever. 

Support Groups have turned to virtual group meetings to stay in contact with each other. ALL are invited to participate, all brain injuries, statewide.  Contact for questions or to help your group become virtual. 

FACEBOOK (these are just a few, conduct a search to find other Groups. Most Groups are closed, ask to join, screen to ensure legitimate and be mindful sharing personal or confidential information)

TBI/ABI Caregiver Support Group               Veteran Spouses Support Group
Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group          Veterans Support Group, Inc (McDonough)
Anoxic Brain Injury Caregivers                Veteran Health Administration (VHA)
Amy’s TBI Tribe                               TBI Support & Awareness


As part of our endeavor to support and empower the brain injury survivor community and caregivers, the Brain Injury of Georgia Association will be providing online support during this difficult time of Covid-19. We are encouraging everyone to LIVE BIG…Virtually.  Everyone can join; you do not need to be part of the group to attend their online meetings, they are open to ALL ABI/TBI survivors/caregivers

If you need help using ZOOM, have a question or want to present a program:

To join any of these groups, click on the links with your smartphone, iPad/tablet, or computer. If you are using a cell phone or tablet, please download the Zoom Cloud conferencing app. We ask that everyone remember basic ground rules: Respect boundaries; Behaviors provide a respectful and warming atmosphere (no foul language, sexual action, etc); CONFIDENTIAL! keep anything shared or discuss to yourself and not outside the meeting.


  • Friday 10 AM – Weekly The Unlimited Possibilities “Breakfast Club”
    To join- If the link does not work, go to and click on join a meeting. The meeting code is 6786772589


Support Groups, which are volunteer-administered, provide an opportunity for those individuals and family members affected by brain injury not only to learn more about brain injury but to be present in a safe and encouraging venue to discuss the challenges they face.

Ask to be added to their email list to stay in touch with Group meetings, updates, social outings, guest speakers and BIAG news. If a change has been made or link is broken send an email to

Support Groups accept all brain injuries. Others may be specific to the ABI (i.e. Stroke, Aneurysm, Aphasia, and Tumor) but may accept all brain injuries.  Please call or email the Support Group contacts to confirm.

Support Groups listed are for your information only and to assist you in locating a group near you. Support groups have been established and are run by persons with brain injury, family, professionals and/or staff from other organizations serving people with brain injury and do not necessarily reflect the views or official position of BIAG. As social media grows, so does the ability to locate groups on-line, facebook … etc. Use caution with sharing personal information

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