Blast TBI

Blast injuries are injuries that result from the complex pressure wave generated by an explosion. Over 90% of combat-related traumatic brain injuries are closed head injuries. 50% of injuries sustained in combat are the result of explosive munitions including bombs, grenades, land mines, missiles and mortar/artillery shells.

Brain Injury can cause a wide range of changes affecting thinking, sounds, sensation, language, or emotions such as:

  • Seizure disorders, sleep disturbances, headaches, loss of balance, blurred vision, ringing in ears, difficulty organizing daily tasks
  • Emotional issues such as mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depression, anger
  • Communication, expression, understanding
  • Sensitivity to lights, sounds, distractions, eye vision
  • Sounds such as ringing in the ears, more sensitive to sounds, lights or distractions
  • Memory, concentration, slower thinking and reasoning, impaired decision making or problem solving